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We are Services Provider for Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) and our setup is situated in Vadgaon (BK), Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is an intelligent unit used to acquire data from multiple meters in a substation. DCU supports DLMS/COSEM protocol and can acquire data from a maximum of 20 meters. It is compatible with the meters manufactured by majority of Indian meter manufacturers. DCU polls the meters and acquires ABT parameters from all meters and stores it on DCU. Typical data stored includes load survey, midnight data, tamper data and event data from all meters. A maximum of 45 days of data of all 20 meters are stored.
The MDAS software at the control center accesses the stored data at schedule time or ON demand. The DCU reports the meter communication status to MDAS software for remote monitoring and diagnostics purpose.

Features :
  • Upto a maximum of 5 meters per port in RS-485 mode
  • Triple Isolation for Serial ports
  • Ethernet port supports Auto MDI / MDIX
  • Data acquired every 5 minutes / 15 minutes
  • 5 meters in RS485 mode
  • Each Serial port supports a maximum of
  • Ethernet port supports 10 / 100Mbps speed
  • Stores data up to 45 days for 20 meters
  • 5V supply for meter serial port in RS232 mode
  • Two Ethernet ports for local and remote data acquisition
  • Acquires Load survey, Midnight data, Tamper and Events
  • Four Serial ports support both RS232 / RS485 Interface
  • Each Serial port supports 1 meter in RS232 mode.
  • 30 minutes / 60 minutes as per meter integration period
  • Serial ports support DLMS / COSEM protocol 15 KV ESD Protection and 2KV surge protection for serial port
  • Power % 2 supply - 85V AC to 264VAC /120V DC to 370V DC or 20 to 60 V DC
Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

Application :
Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)