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Integration of Techport Iot Platform with Beckhoff Embedded PC

With the arrival of the Industry 4.0 concept, the systems that migrate information are increasingly broad and allow connectivity between devices and platforms with the use of protocols that have been standardizing data processing and opening technological frontiers imposed by the limitation of hardware and/or software.

The standardization of communications is beneficial for all those looking for the evolution and speed of processes. The Beckhoff brand is one of the leaders in the automation systems market. Techport and Beckhoffautomation technologies continue to converge and communications and data to and from the cloud are increasingly implemented in industrial automation projects. Monitoring the industrial process is one of the purposes intended for the TechportIoT Platform.

Communication is implemented using the MQTT messaging protocol, which is based on a publisher / subscriber model, with technical characteristics that are evident in minimizing the occupation of the network and resources to ensure, in a reliable way, the delivery of messages.

IOT 4.0

IOT 4.0